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The HYDROInform Ltd. is a Private Limited Company, which was established in the year 2000 by J疣os Adolf Szab and his wife, Zsofia Kardos.


HYDROInform Ltd. is an enterprise for Hydroinformatics Research, Systems Development, Consulting, and Education under the supervisor J疣os Adolf Szab general manager.


The core business of the company is hydroinformatics, which is a new and one of the most rapidly developing fields of applied earth sciences. This technology is a new dimension of the water science, driven by the advance of information technology for modelling water management.

HYDROInform Ltd. is an innovative consultancy interested in any collaboration as a subcontractor, or partner for joint proposals in the field of water management.

In 2011 the company changed name to its present name HYDROInform Ltd. Before that the company was called GLOBEal Contact Ltd.

HYDROInform Ltd., Budapest, Hungary

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