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"Water, like religion and ideology, has the power to move millions of people. Since the very birth of human civilization, people have moved to settle close to it. People move when there is too little of it. People move when there is too much of it. People journey down it. People write, sing and dance about it. People fight over it. And all people, everywhere and every day, need it."

Mikhail Gorbachev                  

President of Green Cross International


Our mission

Founded in 2000, the HYDROInform was initially designed to bring the results of applied sciences and advanced information technology closer to the practical problems of water management.
The experiences over the past years have encouraged us to change the focus of our previous mission.
We believe that the time has come to bring the possible consequences of future alternatives of the water management closer to the process of decision-making and to the decision-makers and last but not least to the public.


Our vision

To be a trusted, recognized researcher and systems developer in hydroinformation technology services in support of decision-making processes in water management, and to be one of the leader in innovative solutions that effectively deal with water-related challenges.


Our values

In order to fulfil our mission and vision, the HYDROInform and its associates are committed to the following core values:

  • Advanced scientific and professional background;

  • Supporting innovative ideas an solutions;

  • Reliable approaches and methods of assessments and computing;

  • Highly user-friendly software solutions to help the end users to get successful results;

  • Integrity, trust & flexibility;

  • Outstanding clear and open developer-customer collaborations.

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