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J疣os A. Szab Founder and General Manager
Senior researcher, modeller, algorithm and software developer.
J疣os is our chief developer with strong mathematical modelling and programming backgrounds. He brings more than 30 years of modelling and software developing experience to the table. He is a senior developer in visual Fortran (incl. GINO and OpenGL graphics) and visual FoxPro database engine.


Katalin Bdis
Senior data analyst with a PhD in Earth Sciences.
Katalin is a great experienced expert in the field of spatial data analysis in particular focusing on the spatial problems of the water management. Since 2003 we are friends and colleagues, and we work together on many important water related issues.

K疵oly Futaki
Senior Information and Water Management Expert
K疵oly is our most experienced external expert with wide national and international professional experience in the field of  water management especially in designing, building and managing complex information systems for the water sectors.

G畸or Z. R騁i
Hydraulic and hydrologic modeller.
G畸or is a modeller in the field of hydraulics and hydrology with strong civil engineering background. His greatest strength is his adaptive ability in combining different informatics tools (e.g. hydraulic, hydrological, or ARC GIS) for efficient modelling of emerging water management issues.

Tnde Tth
Senior GIS expert.
Tnde is a senior GIS expert/analyst in supporting decisions of water and environmental management. With a well-established background in different water and environmental applications of GIS, she is an essential pillar of our team in supporting our modelling and simulation activities.
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